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Not as funny as the last,

But yeah, that theme song at the end compensated for it all and everybody was liek *pop*


Kinda reminds me of Tom and Jerry. You seem to have a very good idea of what it's like in the world of Cocaine, that's a plus! Nonetheless, great job!

ApocalypseCartoons responds:

yup. tom and jerry and cocaine go together like peanut butter and jelly and cocaine.

it was a very interesting style.

I liked this, despite that it was very simply drawn, and only in black and white.

only problem I had with it was at the very end when the flour bagjust sits there, and the music keeps going. I was expecting to see some kind of ending that would close off the rest of the story, even a simple "fin", or "end"would have suited just fine.

other than that, I actually enjoyed it, although there could have been moreof a plot to it, but you're getting there! Great job!

ME-Productions responds:

Maybe It didnt show it for you, but Wen I watched it, It says "The End". Watch it again, But At the end, wait a few seconds, It might pop up. Happy Viewing!

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This is VERY addicting! ..But...

The maps are a bit too small.
The zombies latching on to you, there needs to be a way to knock them off.

Maybe add a few more varying character appearances on the zombie side.

And last of all make this into a storylined game with the same side option of the survival mode!

LOVE IT! Great music too!

Goods and Bads.

I never review often either, blah blah blah...

* Catchy songs
* Addicting gameplay
* simple yet appealling graphics
* ..Fun!

Not so Goods (Hold on to your ego):
* Compression hurts song quality (yeah, 5 megs, but there's better ways to compress the flash)
* Game Over menu forces a score submission to replay
* Standard not so up-to-date computers can't handle the renderings, causing a slow framerate (internet connections have nothing to do with the flash's speed once it's loaded, because it becomes stored in your temporary internet folder... unless it's collecting data while you're playing.) Yeah, just get a new computer, or more ram, but if you want a popular game, ya gotta make a versitile game that almost anyone can play.

...Anyway.. I still loved the game, keep up the great work! I'd be glad to play your next version comming out!

Honestly, I'm not trying to be a dick... It's a great game. And I can tell you care, cuz you're going through all of your reviews, and even flaming a few noobs. yeaahh.... Anyway, I'm bored, so uh, make the next game. now. ..please.

Loved the game...

Yeah, it was great... But, you'd have the character mock you if you tried to use a reasonable item with a device, but then you'd do something where I'd eventually see the logic, but it's kinda far from common sence. It's like (example:) climbing through a window instead of just using the damn door, exept the ideas you had were a little too intricate. The character could say a few more things to hint you on the harder puzzles, but let off on the obvious stuff.
Other than that, it was very cool! Wacom tablet eh?

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Bedroom Eyes...

Makes me think of some guy who's room is stuck in a time-space rip and anything that exists or occurs in this inter-dimensional room is decided by his mind.

Anyways, at 2:20 right where that part picks up, it reminds me of The Presets. Awesome artist.

I love that sick bass btw.

Only issue I had was the begining synth sounds a little too preset, but it matters very little when you hear the whole song.

TimmyDope responds:

Yeah Bro!! I know who the Presets are.,, I am from Australia and so are they!!! Glad you liked the song!

Very original take on a classic song.

Liked it. Would be cool if you chopped up the beginning vocal a little except with a different computer voice.

Oh, and I've already got a couple of your songs already, pretty niffteh stuffs.

Holy Farglesnot!

But seriously, for a christmas holiday song, this epic song is like the tits! The only minor problem in my opinion was the pauses that were kind of long. I think that they are the right length of pause, but there needs to be some sort of in-between rythym thing like some cool drum solo thing (yeah I don't know any good music terms) that would kind of hold the song together and let the listener know that it's still going (maybe some kind of build-up beat. Either that or make the begining tune at the end of each pause sound a little different so it kind of sounds like there's another verse thing going on. I don't know.. but this really sounds great, Especially with a subwoofer blowing out the low bass!

Nothing funny here, just you.

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